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Superior Steel Sheds

Tough is not an added extra it is guaranteed, we use only the best Australian BlueScope® Steel, manufactured in Australia and sold in kit form by us in Victoria.

Australia produces some of the world’s best produce, with beef being one of the strongest growing exports of regional Victoria . THE Shed Company Kilmore has completed many farming sheds to accommodate the region's production requirements.  

Cold rolled steel has the benefit of high tensile strength and durability ensuring you a first class product. From open bay farm sheds for quick and easy access, to enclosed farming buildings and barns for secure storage of chemicals, feed and machinery.

Let THE Shed Company Kilmore assist in getting your farm in order with a quality building designed to meet the needs of your property. 

Wide Range of Farm Sheds 

From hay sheds to machinery sheds, storage facilities and barns we have the application to meet your needs. One of the unique advantages of THE Shed Company Kilmore is that we are adaptable in our structural designs as we use an adaptable cold rolled steel frame system. Our innovative software systems allow you to choose from a variety of length, width and height to meet your rural needs.   

With the capabilities allowing for massive dimensions, a shed 100 metres long, 20 metres wide and 5 meters high. Incorporating completely open ends, extra wide bays, steel partition walls, skylights or insulation, we can engineer this for your site and have the quote back in minutes.  These are just some of the elements you can add to your unique rural shed design. 

Site Specific Engineering

We understand Australian terrain, from farms based in alpine or cyclonic regions, we design your new shed site specific to your exact location in Victoria. There are many variables that influence the performance of a steel building; therefore it is imperative to factor in these things when designing a structure.

Our entire range of sheds is ShedSafe® accredited, by third party provider and our steel is genuine BlueScope® Steel manufactured entirely in Australia.

Every site has its own unique attributes, whether you live near a creek, sheltered by trees or in a cyclonic region.  This is why our steel buildings are designed in accordance with their appropriate wind region, topography, terrain, site conditions, building classification and level of importance.

You will be given an exclusive set of documents outlining the engineering for your structure.  These documents can be given to your local council for their consideration and approval.