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Kilmore Steel Kit Homes 

Countryside or place to call home by the beach side, whether you require a granny flat or bungalow, at THE Shed Company Kilmore our kit home prices are an affordable housing solution. 

With a steel kit home from THE Shed Company Kilmore, you will gain a precision-engineered housing solution that will stand the test of time. 

Delivered ex-factory, we supply direct to locations in Victoria. Included in our steel kit home building package are all the components required to create the sturdy shell of your new home. 

Our entire range of kit homes are engineered site specifically to your location in Victoria, and come complete with engineered drawings to submit to the Mitchell Shire Council. For ease of construction, you will also receive a full set of panel drawings. 

A feasible option for the owner-building or perhaps you are searching for an end-to-end solution, our team can assist you throughout the entire build and offer additional services to complete the project in its entirety.

When you consider THE Shed Company Kilmore for your next steel framed kit home you will be guided through the entire process from planning, council and building phases.  Our team prides itself on continuous communication we give to our clients, keeping them informed on all aspects of the projects process.  

Versatile Kit Homes 

Our range of steel frame kit homes is precision engineered to be site specific to your location in Victoria. Our engineers will provide detailed documentation for council submissions and comprehensive panel drawings to aid construction. The innovative flexible software our team uses allows for architectural outcomes and customization for our clients.

Choose from one of the existing blueprint plans and further customize the design to create your new home sweet home. We will strive to ensure that your end result is not just a house but something that you will call home.

Using quality 100% Australian made and owned materials from iconic brand BlueScope® Steel.  The entire kit is manufactured locally in Victoria delivered to your location in kit form from the steel components, detailed instructions to the last bolt.  

Beyond the flooring plans you can truly enhance your home further with upgrading options such as a front or back verandah with raised flooring system. We have a spectrum of industry contacts that can assist you in the entire fit out of your new home.

Benefits of Steel Framed Homes: 

  • Ultimate Strength of Australian BlueScope® Steel 
  • TRUECORE® steel frames are 100% Termite and Borer Proof
  • TRUECORE® steel frames are non-combustible significantly reducing the amount of flamable material in a home 
  • Ease of Construction with TRUECORE® steel components 
  • Environmentally Friendly, with steel being a 100% recyclable material


With the emphasis on Australian quality, value for money, we empower you to make your own decisions genuinely creating your ‘home sweet home’.  Contact THE Shed Company Kilmore on (03) 5783 4629 to discuss your new home or investment requirements.