Site Specific Certification

Your Backyard, Your Shed, Your Design//

Site Specific Engineering is the process of ensuring that your building is designed to suit your location it is going to be built.  Taking into considering the below elements:

  • Wind Region
  • Surrounding Terrain; including trees, riverbanks, other buildings such as your home
  • Topography; the surface features of your location  

Factoring in the above elements with the addition of your intended end use our team will establish the correct wind speed for your structure.  Ensuring your structure is fit for purpose and will last the test of time. 

Why Is Site Specific Engineering Important For My Building? 

A properly designed building ensures you the peace of mind that your property, those you value and your assets are safe and secure.  At THE Shed Company Kilmore, we are designing a structure for your backyard, no one else’s. Every single structural design of ours is reviewed by our trained engineering experts, before your plans and documentation are released to you. 

How Long Will This Process Take? 

THE Shed Company Kilmore understands your time is precious therefore we pride ourselves in offering you a quick turnaround time.  With our flexibility in design and engineering software systems we can typically provide you with site specific certification for your new structure within 48 hours.